About us

AA Machines, rents and sells machinery and equipment for ground, road & hydraulic engineering, demolition & recycling,
on- & transshipment and waste processing.

Sales - We sell new and used equipment
- Used equipment, the most common in our offer are those products that you can also find in our rental fleet.
- New equipment, we import various machines and attachments ourselves and represent various manufacturers and importers for the sale of new equipment
Are you looking for a piece of equipment but it is not listed in our range? or used? Give us a call, we may have it available in our rental fleet or elsewhere.

Rental types:
We offer three options for renting unmanned equipment and machines:

KTV - Short term rental
< br />Rent for one day to several months for temporary work.
- Rent includes maintenance, repair, parts and insurance (surcharge)
- Rent does not include transport, daily maintenance, cleaning and a deductible in case of damage

LTV - Long Term Rental
Renting for a longer period, minimum é one year. We supply, in consultation with you, a tailor-made machine, tailored to the work to be performed.
- Machine execution in in consultation such as, extra hydraulic functions, cabin elevation, company color, outriggers, solid tires, etc .
- Maintenance, repair, wear box, tires, insurance in mutual consultation

Lease – Operational or Financial
In collaboration with a lease company, we offer the possibility to lease new or used machines. This can take the following forms:
- Operational lease, machine does not appear on your balance sheet you rent the machine for a fixed period and receive a monthly invoice with VAT.
- Financial lease, machine comes to you the balance, full VAT must be paid at the start, after the contract the machine is your property.
In addition to these lease types, we can offer repair, maintenance and/or insurance.

The above is a brief description of the possible rental and lease options. For more information, please contact us.